Do you need to understand and lead Generation Y employees ?
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At MARTRAIN, our goal is to assist leaders and human resource professionals in understanding diversity issues so they can attract, retain and engage their ideal workforce.








New Book - Generation Y and the New Work Ethic - now available on Kindle and Kobo! 

If you are a colleague trying to understand your multi-generational co-workers, a front line manager trying to get your youngest workers to show up and show up on time, or are a member of Generation Y and looking for ways to maximize your effectiveness and success in the workplace, this book is for you. Jeanne Martinson gets to the heart of the generational differences issue, with minimal psychobabble and statistical navel gazing, giving you concrete information about the different generations with a focus on work ethic and the motivations and values of Generation Y.


New Articles: Watch the Blog/Article tab for new diversity and leadership articles appearing regularly. Our most recent article is entitled Early Birds and Night Owls in the Workplace.


E-Book: War & Peace in the Workplace and Escape from Oz –Leadership for the 21st Century are both available as e-books on KOBO and KINDLE eReaders.


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Jeanne Martinson delivering a segment of her Leadership for the 21st Century Seminar

"Lies And Fairy Tales That Deny Women Happiness"

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