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Escape from Oz ~ Leadership for the 21st Century


“Escape From Oz – Leadership For The 21st Century” explores the parallels of the characters in the fable “The Wonderful Wizard of Oz” and our own beliefs about personal and professional leadership.The first part of the book explores the four cornerstones required to be an effective leader: courage, insight, self-discipline and influence over others.

The second part of the book explores how we can move out of our comfort zone to lead individuals according to their reality, skill set and knowledge base – with the goal of achieving trust and long term success.

This book, about the basics of personal leadership and leading others, is written to assist you in becoming an effective leader – whether you are leading an organization of two or two thousand.


Table of Contents

Chapter One – A Leader – Who Me?

Chapter Two – Four Cornerstones of Personal Leadership

Chapter Three – The First Cornerstone: Insight

Chapter Four – The Second Cornerstone: Courage

Chapter Five – The Third Cornerstone: Self-Discipline

Chapter Six – The Fourth Cornerstone: Influence

Chapter Seven  -Trust: The Glue of Leadership

Chapter Eight – The Stairway to 21st Century Leadership

Chapter Nine – Climbing the Stairs

Chapter Ten – Epilogue

Chapter Eleven – Leadership Principles

Audio Book

The audio book includes chapters 1 through 7, plus chapter 10. It contains two CDs and is 2 hours, 10 minutes in length.

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