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Tossing the Tiara (The Key to Creating Powerful Women Leaders)

Women in leadership roles is good for business! When publicly traded companies have women in senior management roles, those organizations experience an average increase of 74% of return on equity and a corresponding 55% increase of earnings.

Women want to lead at the highest levels. When 1400 managers were asked if they had the desire to reach a top management position such as a C-suite role, 79% or women said YES. Yet women hold only 5.8% of corporate executive positions and 14.5% of board positions.

So how do we reduce the gap between reality and aspiration? First we need to understand how fairy tale myth, media and our history of communication have shaped where we are today. Secondly, we need to make different decisions if we truly want to create powerful women leaders.

(Based on the 2016 book, Tossing the Tiara – The Key to Creating Powerful Women Leaders)