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Generation Y and the New Work Ethic

Every generation has rebelled against the norms of the generation preceding it. This rebellion manifests itself externally in clothes, hairstyles, temporary and permanent markings and maskings. As time passes, often these visual distinctions are toned down or abandoned as that generation ages and begins to fit into mainstream work worlds, eventually falling for the tie and pantyhose cultural norms of the workplace. Many of today’s Generation Y cohort members may yet desert their desire for flip-flops and casual attitudes as they progress in their careers and organizations.

Managers ask me frequently “When will Gen Ys will grow up, quit rebelling and get with the program?” Unfortunately for managers and co-workers everywhere, there is more to generational difference than rebellion and a desire to be different from the previous generation.  Our generational identity is also about the beliefs and values that were developed in our growing up years. By the time we hatch into the workforce, our perspectives of others, work and the world are well formed.

So why are we talking about generational differences now more so than in the past?  Why has this last generation upset the apple cart so significantly?  Because it is the perfect storm!

If you are a colleague trying to understand your multi-generational co-workers, a front line manager trying to get your youngest workers to show up and show up on time, or are a member of Generation Y and looking for ways to maximize your effectiveness and success in the workplace, this book is for you. Jeanne Martinson gets to the heart of the generational differences issue, with minimal psychobabble and statistical navel gazing, giving you concrete information about the different generations with a focus on work ethic and the motivations and values of Generation Y.

Table of Contents

Introduction – Why is Generation Y so Different?

Chapter One – Defining the Generations

Chapter Two – The New Work Ethic

Chapter Three  – The Loyal Traditionalists

Chapter Four – The Busy baby Boomers

Chapter Five – The Entrepreneurial Gen X

Chapter Six – The Newer Faster Generation Y

Chapter Seven – Why Occasionally None of this Matters

Chapter Eight – Why We Just Can’t Get Along

Chapter Nine – Managing Generation Y

Chapter Ten – Workplace Strategies for Gen Y

Epilogue –  A Letter to Leaders

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