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Leadership Lessons From Downton Abbey

Downton Abbey is an iconic British television series that captivated the world with its portrayal of the transition of family, society and institutional life during the years immediately before and after WWI.  Not only did it sweep away its viewers with  dramatic characters, eye catching costumes and cinematography, it presented  lessons that can be applied to our world today.

In this book, the authors  explore key leadership principles that may have been overlooked by modern management theory.  Whether you are a Downton Abbey fan or not, this insightful book provides practical advice to increase your effectiveness as a leader and manager.

Jeanne Martinson, MA, is a best-selling Canadian author, researcher and professional speaker on topics related to creating and leading demographically diverse workplaces.

Laurelie Martinson, BA, is a communications specialist and lecturer who works with organizational cultures undergoing change and suffering  from dysfunctional relationships.

AVAILABLE NOVEMBER 1ST, 2017 in print at Amazon or in ebook at Kindle. For a bulk purchase of ten books or more, email us at