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Jeanne Martinson, M.A., is a diversity strategist, professional speaker, trainer and best-selling author who has worked internationally and throughout Canada. Since co-founding her own firm, MARTRAIN Corporate and Personal Development in 1993, Jeanne has inspired thousands of participants in her workshops and keynote presentations with her humour, insight and real-world examples.

Jeanne recently completed her Master of Arts degree in Leadership at Royal Roads University in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. Her graduate research focused on the differences and similarities of criminal gang leaders and corporate leaders. Her research was published by the International Leadership Association in their annual journal (2012) as a peer-reviewed journal article (Leadership Lessons from the Criminal World).

Jeanne also holds a Certificate in Organisational Behaviour from Heriot-Watt University (Edinburgh, Scotland) and is certified as a practitioner of NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming).

As Managing Partner of her own firm, Jeanne delivers workshops and keynote addresses to government, associations and the private sector. Her most popular topics are leadership and diversity. As a Canadian bestselling author and strategist in workplace diversity, Jeanne’s goal is to assist leaders in understanding diversity issues so they may attract, retain and engage their ideal workforce.

Jeanne has several books in print:

* Generation Y and the New Work Ethic
* Tossing the Tiara – Keys to Creating Powerful Women Leaders
* War & Peace in the Workplace – Diversity, Conflict, Understanding, Reconciliation
* Hemingway or Twain? Unleashing Your Author Personality
* Escape from Oz – Leadership For The 21st Century.

Jeanne takes a leading role in her community, a dedication that was recognized with the awarding of:

* The Canada 125 Medal
* YWCA Women of Distinction Award in the category of Business, Labor and Professions
* The Centennial Leadership Award for outstanding contribution to the Province of Saskatchewan
* The Athena Award
* The National Diversity award – the EMCY.


* Who’s Who of Canadian Women (since 1996)
* Canadian Who’s Who (since 1999).

Jeanne is Founding Past President of:

* Women Entrepreneurs of Saskatchewan
* Canadian Association of Professional Speakers (CAPS) – Saskatchewan Chapter.

Jeanne lives in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada with her husband Malcolm Bucholtz, who consults to entrepreneurs starting up small craft distilleries in Canada and also hosts craft distilling workshops in conjunction with the Canadian Craft Distilling Institute.

More about Jeanne’s books:

Tossing the Tiara – Keys to Creating Powerful Women Leaders explores media and the myths that many Canadian women are raised with and which limit their ability to be powerful leaders. (Available through Kindle and Amazon)

Generation Y and the New Work Ethic explores one of the biggest issues in today’s workplace – intergenerational conflict. If you are a colleague trying to understand your multi-generational co-workers, a front line manager trying to get your youngest workers to show up and show up on time or are a member of Generation Y looking to maximize your effectiveness and success in the workplace, this book is for you. It gets to the heart of the generational differences issue, with minimal psycho-babble and statistical navel gazing, giving you concrete information about the different generations with a focus on work ethic and the motivations and values of Generation Y. (Available through Amazon, Kobo and Kindle)

Escape from Oz – Leadership For The 21st Century explores the fable in The Wonderful Wizard of Oz and our own beliefs about personal and professional leadership. The first part of the book explores the four cornerstones required to be effective leaders: insight, courage, self-discipline and influence over others. The second part of the book explores how we can move out of our comfort zone to lead individuals according to their reality, skill set and knowledge base – with the goal of achieving trust and long term success. (Available through Kindle, Kobo and this site)

War & Peace in the Workplace – Diversity, Conflict, Understanding, Reconciliation  explores how workplaces are becoming more diverse and how diversity may trigger conflict. The book illustrates how we have the choice of allowing conflict to spiral down into dysfunction or of taking charge, becoming aware and developing understanding. (Available through Kindle, KOBO and this site)

The last two are also available as e-books through this site.