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Leading a Diverse Workforce

The ability to lead a diverse workforce has become one of the most important skills in the workplace today. This program is designed to assist leaders in understanding diversity and leadership issues so they may attract, retain and engage their ideal workforce.

Segment One: Cornerstones of Leadership
In this segment participants learn about the four cornerstones of leadership, the differences between leadership and management and how to build and maintain trust.
*  Leaders and Managers
*  The Four Cornerstones of Leadership
*  Influence and Trust

Segment Two: Our Leadership Thoughts and Behaviours
It is important that we understand how it is that we think, how we interpret others behaviour and how they interpret our behaviour as leaders. It is vital for leaders to understand how their thoughts drive their communication choices and processes.

Segment Three: Diversity Skilled Leaders
It is essential that leaders understand the diversity that exists in their team, their stakeholder group and the clients they serve. This segment covers vital information regarding each of the diversity areas found in today’s workplace.

Segment Four: Growing Your Team
The leaders in your organization must know how to bring about the best in the people they work with. It is essential that leaders be trustworthy and encourage employees to grow and excel to the best of their abilities. This requires understanding how to influence team members to continue doing what is needed and to change behaviours and attitudes that hold back the success of the team and organization.

This segment includes performance models to assist in the uncovering and solving of core problems, the ‘four stairs to leadership’ communication and delegation model and conflict models of how we and others respond to challenges.
* Team – What Does It Look Like
* The Staircase to Delegating to Others
* Conflict Modes Leadership Perspective
* Six Hats Problems Solving
* Performance Management Tool
* Exceptional Feedback Models.