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Managing and Working with a Multi-Generational Workforce

Not only do we have four different generations in the workplace (Traditionalists, Boomers, Gen Xs and Gen Ys) all with different values and goals – we have also hit the completion of the analog to digital shift. These two dynamics have created the perfect storm for conflict in the workplace!


* What understanding generational diversity gives an organization
* How generational information relates to overall diversity in the workplace
* The four generational groupings
* Impact of cusp years
* Caveats (exceptions) to generational data and outliers
* How demographers disagree as to when generational groupings begin and end
* How does the current economic downturn impact our managing of the generations.

Traditionalists/Baby Boomers/Gen X/Gen Y

* Other terms for this generation
* Born in what years
* Influences in childhood and early adulthood that shaped their perspective
* Behaviours demonstrated due to those influences.

Cultural beliefs in the workplace of the four generations regarding

* Authority
* Hierarchy
* Loyalty
* Job Security
* Change
* Job Change
* Activity and productivity
* Structure
* Work Flow
* Communication
* Information
* Time
* Power
* Flexibility

How to Lead the Different Generations

* How to attract the four generations
* How to retain the four generations
* How to engage/motivate the four generations.