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“When I first heard Jeanne’s presentation I knew that she not only had diversity figured out but that she was able to explain it to a group of employees in a way that wasn’t threatening. One of her presentations to a group of employees who I would have felt would have been a hard sell went over so well that there was a particular time during the presentation you could have heard a pin drop. They were so interested in her understanding on the subject and her ability to explain their feelings that they were totally engrossed in her presentation. When you see a group as tough as some she has presented too, you understand her incredible ability to get the message across. The fact that she has a best seller book on the subject, allowed our employees to not only obtain what they learned from the presentations but reflect on some of the new learnings by following up with her book. She is a dynamic speaker and has the gift of knowing her audience. She has the ability to present in a way that captivates and motivates others. Over the past number of years she has presented to well over 400 people in our department and has made a significant difference.”

(Dave Fischl – Fleet Services Manager/ Workplace Diversity Coordinator, Saskatchewan Highways and Transportation)


“Jeanne, I have never received so many positive, unsolicited comments after the fact with regard to any speaker we’ve ever booked to present in this venue! You gave all the attendees a real sense of value for the time spent. Thank you for nailing your audience’s specific interests and making it such an entertaining hour. We all took away something valuable from our time with you, from our Baby Boomer crew, right up to our Gen Xs….some of us got some insight to ourselves we would have been quite content NOT to know…Again, it was a very enlightening morning-thank you!”

(Carol Geurts, Managing Broker, Coast Capital Realty, Victoria, B.C.)


“Jeanne, I just wanted to say thank you for the sessions that you facilitated for our team. I can certainly see why you are sought after as a keynote speaker for large groups. Your experience and knowledge span a wide range of leadership and human development. We have used the concepts you introduced us to in strengthening our team and interpersonal relationships. We particularly enjoyed the stories used to illustrate the concepts.”

(Rose Hill, Manager, HRDC/Human Resources Development Canada)


“The participants scored you 4 out of 4! Noted were your personality, truthfulness, knowledge, clarity and everyday language. Great eye contact, humor, approachable . . . it goes on and on. Thanks! You’re great!”

(Janis Campbell, Saskatchewan Home Based Business Association)


“Your sense of fun and ability to put people at ease, then ‘get things done’ is awe inspiring! Thanks for providing the MC glue that bridged the agenda together for a weekend that is getting A++ praise and thanks from east, west and down under!”

(Arlene Jorgenson, Conference Chair, BPW Canada 2014)