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Understanding Diversity in Today’s Workplace

Respect in the workplace comes from a foundational understanding that we are different from everyone else. Sometimes these differences are the big ‘D’ differences such as race, gender or disability. Sometimes the differences that create judgment and conflict arise from small ‘d’ differences – how we see the world, whether we feel our values have been compromised or ignored, how we see the work should be done, even how we think our colleagues should behave.

This workshop explores:

* what diversity is to us as individuals and how it is defined according to human rights codes and labour law

* how we develop our beliefs and how those beliefs affect how we see colleagues, the work that needs to be done, and how it should be completed

* how our mind naturally creates generalizations and stereotypes

* what micro-inequity is and how it relates to discrimination

* how we interpret our common values and how they play out in our everyday behaviours to possibly create conflict

* how we and others change as we become aware of diversity

* how our environment supports some groups while creates barriers for others

* vital information about key areas of diversity in our workplace such as:

  • generations
  • gender and gender identity
  • left brain/right brain differences
  • Aboriginal/non Aboriginal differences
  • religion
  • visible minority issues
  • physical and intellectual disabilities

* how people react to diversity

* what emotions do employees experience as their workforce becomes more diverse and challenges occur

* what a diverse workforce can offer an organization

* the consequences to ourselves, the organization and our colleagues of communicating based only on our perspective

* how we read into a situation what is happening and create judgments based on our interpretation of other people’s intentions

* strategies to move from diversity based conflict to understanding and reconciliation.