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War & Peace in the Workplace

Ever wonder why we can’t just get along? Why we react to each other the way we do?

Most conflict in the workplace comes from our differences – both our diversity in the big ‘D’ issues such as race, gender or ability but also diversity in the small ‘d’ issues such as values, marital and family status, age or thought processes. Diversity can be problematic and it can be wonderful. As individuals and organizations, we can benefit from the many perspectives that create the synergy to move an organization forward by leaps and bounds.

On the other hand, differences can bring conflict, toxic work groups, low morale, harassment, misunderstandings and employee turnover.

Many organizations adopt respectful workplace or harassment policies. But this isn’t enough to realize the benefits of a diverse workforce or to minimize diversity-based conflict. We need to shift how we perceive and work with others. This book illustrates how we have the choice of allowing conflict to spiral down into dysfunction or of taking charge, becoming aware and developing understanding. It’s all up to you!

Table of Contents

Chapter One – We Can’t Ignore Diversity


Chapter Two – What is Diversity Anyway?

Chapter Three – The Myth of Presumed Sameness

Chapter Four – Us and Them and We

Chapter Five – We Made It – Why Haven’t They?

Chapter Six – We’s Not Me’s


Chapter Seven – From Nations to Tribes and Back Again (Aboriginal Issues)

Chapter Eight – Welcome to Barneyland (Immigration and Visible Minority Issues)

Chapter Nine – My Kind of Christian (Religion in the Workplace)

Chapter Ten – Crossing the Gender Divide

Chapter Eleven – Leaping the Generation Gaps (Traditionalists, Boomers, Gen Xers, Gen Ys)

Chapter Twelve – Perspectives on Time (Polychronic/Monochronic time, early bird/night owl)

Chapter Thirteen – The Other Brain (left brain/right brain issues)


Chapter Fourteen – What Can I Do As An Individual?

Chapter Fifteen – What Can I Do As A Leader?

Chapter Sixteen – What Can We Do As An Organization?


Chapter Seventeen – Why Should We Care?


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